Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this conference called CPAC that’s happening right now. Well, we’re happy to say that DoubleDutch is powering the mobile event app!

What is CPAC? Simply put, it is the Conservative Political Action Conference. CPAC opens up the conversation for conservatives across the board to come and discuss the future of the conservative party.

Politics aside, the conference is taking full advantage of their mobile event app. Giving attendees the opportunity to network based on shared interests, view session information and speaker bios.

If you think about the purpose of the event as being a platform for attendees to engage with each other and share ideas to move the conservative party forward, the app’s activity feed is really where the magic is happening. The activity feed shows what’s taking place around the conference, from people checking-in to sessions, speakers and exhibitors to commenting on each other’s posts and sharing ideas. The app then becomes an enhanced platform for CPAC attendees to get loud.

Taking things a step further, conference organizers are using the app to communicate with attendees via push notifications; notifying attendees of special book signings, hotel shuttle service and, something very dear to our hearts, leaderboard results to further drive engagement. The app has been incredibly successful and it’s only Day 1 of the conference.

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