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Doubling Down on Our Mission

By |January 10, 2017|

We decided to take control of our destiny yesterday, and it wasn’t easy. We said goodbye to a number of our coworkers and friends. All good people. All talented. All like family. I can vouch for all of them. Why did we do this? Mainly because we saw an opportunity to focus down on our [...]

Customer Relationships Happen Between the Lines

By |December 27, 2016|

When the marketing team sat down to brainstorm our holiday campaign, we realized that 2016 was insane. The national news that surrounded our everyday lives made our day-to-day priorities seem almost muted in comparison.  When the Orlando Pulse shooting happened, we immediately leaned on each other and our DoubleDutch PrideTogether group for mourning, understanding, and [...]

Partyforce: The Ultimate Dreamforce ‘16 Party Recap

By |October 14, 2016|

Another year of Dreamforce, has come and gone. If your week of nonstop learning, free swag, and endless drinks at the world’s largest software conference now feels like a dream, don’t let those memories fade! Through Partyforce, the unofficial Dreamforce party app powered by DoubleDutch, we have captured the best parties, keynotes, and overall highlights, [...]

Your (Un)Official Dreamforce Party Guide

By |September 30, 2016|

“Cause we like to party” said Beyonce, featuring Andre 3000 circa 2011, and also every single person at Dreamforce. For one week every year, San Francisco turns into a weird alternate dimension of Mardi Gras...albeit with more clothing involved (required?) but surprisingly around the same amount of alcohol. Last year marked my first foray into [...]

An Interview for The Twenty Minute VC

By |September 26, 2016|

I recently sat down with Harry Stebbings for The Twenty Minute VC — a podcast series covering the latest in the business world. We discussed a lot in a short amount of time, but here are some of my favorite topics in the podcast: How to turn an SDR program into a hyper-growth engine How [...]

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

By |August 31, 2016|

At DoubleDutch, we believe that live events are both an art and a science. Event marketers have an innate ability to create experiences to generate energy that moves people to action, but great events don’t happen because of an excited crowd, luck, or even flawless event execution. Great events are a result of strategic orchestration [...]

Bringing Positive Social Change At Work

A few months ago, I reached an important milestone in my DoubleDutch 1 year workiversary. It had me feeling extremely sentimental and reflective as I thought back to my very first week at DoubleDutch. I arrived wide eyed and bushy tailed and just had this gut feeling I’d stumbled onto something very special. Boy, [...]

The Rise of the App Champion

By |July 28, 2016|

A major evolution is occurring in the events industry. Marketers have tapped into a powerful force that resides in the bags and hands of most of the people arriving at their events: their mobile phones. The Live Engagement App is downloaded onto a smartphone and becomes a digital channel for communication; it’s a way to [...]

The Curious Case of the Very Lazy, but Blazingly Fast, JSON Parser

By |July 26, 2016|

tl;dr I wrote a JSON parser to improve performance for a very specific use case and found that it was also blazingly fast for the general case. As is often the case, the really good solutions seem to come when you are solving a problem for yourself (my personal theory is that your own problems stay [...]

Using Marketo and Salesforce Integrations at the Live Engagement Tour

By |June 30, 2016|

#eventprofs, CMOs, Digital Marketers, SDRs, Heads of Demand Gen, Sales Directors, and everyone in between, drum roll please…. The 2016 Spring Release announced the launch of our integrations with various Marketing Automation Systems and CRMs. With that, the DoubleDutch team took to the hills and implemented Marketo and Salesforce integrations with our own LE Tour [...]