By: John Valdez, Customer Success Manager

Not unlike John Cusack in Say Anything, our clients find ways to make us swoon.It’s that time of year again, when holding a boombox over your head, rushing to that special someone before their plane departs, or breaking into song all seem like perfectly acceptable gestures to get your lovestruck message across. This Valentine’s Day, we decided to write a love-letter-blog (is that a thing? it should be) showing our adoration for some of our customers who have boldly used the DoubleDutch app in ways that make us swoon.

Say 'I Do' to a great promotion plan for your mobile event app.While love at first sight may only happen to a lucky few, the team at the St. Louis Wedding Show knew how to recreate the “you had me at hello” moment. Having an app promotion plan before any event helps ensure attendees will use it. No stranger to spreading love (it’s a wedding show after all), they included information about the app wherever they promoted the event, such as social media, web banners, and email campaigns. They even had a dedicated lounge at the event where attendees could learn how to use the app. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and with a great promotion plan you’ll get it right it every time!

In addition to showing love to attendees, event organizers have to give a little extra to their sponsors. Roses and chocolates are nice, but sponsors are really looking for ROI! With over 300 exhibitors in the app, the tech team at UBM had a lot of love to share. They used promoted posts in the activity feed to generate exposure for some of their main sponsors. With promoted posts, they also highlighted sponsored content with the ultimate goal of driving visits to exhibitor booths.

If we had a love badge, it would go to Autodesk for their effective use of gamification. They customized how points and badges were awarded in order to encourage specific attendee actions within the app. More points were given for uploading profile pictures and answering feedback surveys. Attendees also earned custom badges after completing tasks at key areas around the venue. Some say love is a game. With 425 custom badges earned, 600 survey responses, and over 12,000 status updates, Autodesk definitely won this one.

Change up your logos and colors to keep your app fresh!We all want to dress to impress on Valentine’s Day! Now, we’re not vain (after all, jeans and t-shirts are typical attire at DoubleDutch HQ), but you want to put your best foot forward for that special someone, and sometimes a little extra something can go a long way. To this end, a few notable customers have created unforgettable media assets that have made their apps pop! The team at AMSA didn’t stop at a well-designed app icon and splash screen. They changed out their header logo and primary colors on a daily basis to keep their app fresh and exciting. Hey, sometimes you need a few outfit changes to keep things exciting (Beyoncé  knows what we’re talking about, right Bey?).

Love is in the air and we are simply smitten with our app-savvy Valentines. We may not be conventional in our data-driven adoration, but hey, love makes people do strange things! “Appy” Valentines Day!