By Jen Hawkins, Marketing

Tomorrow, I will drag my butt out of bed early (this is a challenge for me) and leave the Mission behind for a day (also not a common occurrence).

Destination? The FiDi, where some colleagues and I will be representing DoubleDutch at the APPNATION Enterprise Summit. This a targeted event for us (just note the title). Some key investors will be in attendance (like Sequoia, Mayfield, and Morganthaler) plus some other social, mobile enterprise companies (like Yammer and Box).

Lawrence Coburn (DoubleDutch CEO and Co-founder) will also be speaking on a panel about the new era of customer relationship management.

CRM 3.0: A New Way Of Thinking About Customer Relationships

Thursday, January 12th at 3:40 PM

Moderator: Aaron Ricadela, Reporter, Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Lawrence Coburn, CEO, DoubleDutch

Michael Oiknine, CEO, Apsalar

Scott Holden, Sr Director, Product Marketing,

Jim Burleigh, CEO, Cloud9

Here are the agenda details, to see what else is happening.

The event also happens to be held at the Bently Reserve, which is owned by Christopher and Amber Marie Bently (Bently Holdings) as of 2005. They are really cool people that also happen to serve on the advisory board of the Black Rock Arts Foundation and the Burning Man Project*. They are my heros (sigh).

We are stoked. Hope you are too.

*It took lots of restraint to not hyperlink this. If you don’t know what Burning Man is, please look it up immediately.