Marketo, an industry leader in marketing automation software, invited both DoubleDutch CEO, Lawrence Coburn, and Director of Marketing, Jennifer Hawkins, to lead a webinar on advocate marketing

for marketers around the world. Our DoubleDutchers were joined the VP of Business Development at Influitive (they create advocate marketing software). This is part of the LaunchPoint Partner webinar series in which Marketo and its partners feature a joint customer to share their experiences in using Marketo with complementary marketing solutions to solve marketing challenges and drive revenue.

Marketo Webinar with DoubleDutch

We know that buyers don’t depend on sales and marketing messages alone to make their purchasing decisions. They want to hear from fellow customers who have gone before them. So how do you identify and organize your customers to act as advocates for your product? Rather than expecting your customers to provide a testimonial whenever you need one, a strategy is required to build interactive, two-way conversations and real relationships with your advocates.

This all-star lineup from Marketo, DoubleDutch, and Influitive discussed strategies for mobilizing your own advocate army.

You will learn:

  • What customer advocacy is
  • How to identify customer advocates
  • How to build reciprocal relationships with advocates
  • How Influitive’s advocacy marketing expertise, DoubleDutch’s event marketing technology, and Marketo’s marketing platform work together to effectively mobilize an advocate army

 View the webinar on-demand below:

… or view the presentation on slideshare.