This week we’re hanging out in Las Vegas for Exhibitor 2013, a weeklong conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate marketers. With an agenda jam-packed with information, we thought we’d give you our 3 Hard-Hitting Takeaways from Exhibitor 2013 (so far).

1. Create interactive event and conference experiences. It’s no secret that engaging attendees throughout the life of an event leads to huge success. People are more likely to pre-register for next year, talk about your brand and so much more. But, how do you create an interactive experience during your event? It comes down to knowing your audience, focusing and reinforcing your message and giving them an outlet to interact with you, like a mobile event app.

2. Measure performance across the board. There’s lots of ways in which we can compile data as event organizers: paper surveys, online social monitoring and, if you have a mobile app, through the backend dashboard. The important thing here is to listen to what attendees are enjoying to highlight those things, and discover what attendees might be struggling with to diffuse those situations. Set measurable goals and expectations for events that go beyond the basics.

3. It’s time to rethink the internal meeting. As new event technologies have begun emerging, how can you take advantage of all that is available to increase participation, message retention and motivation? It’s high time to start evaluating what is available, and how you can leverage it. How can a mobile app enhance internal meetings?

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