05th Feb

What I Learned About Product Design Moving From Gaming To Enterprise

By: Paul Duan Product Manager I came to DoubleDutch about a year ago from a mobile gaming studio. Looking back, it’s interesting to compare and contrast developing a free-to-play mobile game versus building the DoubleDutch event app. While they are both software that you use on your phone, each is designed from the ground up [...]


03rd Feb

Meet Chelsea Rusch, #EventProf of the Month

By: Brittany Lucero Customer Marketing Manager I first met Chelsea over the phone alongside our CMO, Emily He. We dialed into Chelsea’s New York City line, and I could immediately hear her enthusiasm for both her career and the DoubleDutch platform. To my delight, I was headed out to film a case study with EpiServer [...]


26th Jan

An Insider’s View on Privacy, Security and Reliability For Mobile Event Apps

By: Hailey Pobanz International Sales Engineer I like to think I make security fun. Tip-toeing around isn’t something I am good at doing in my personal life, and it’s not an approach I take when discussing security. When Safe Harbour was deemed null and void last fall, I opened conversations with it. I love understanding [...]


25th Jan

Let’s Cut the Bullshit on Employee Benefits in Silicon Valley

By: Matt Rum Recruiting Manager In the last five years, competition for talent in Silicon Valley has turned into an intense battle between employers who continuously go above and beyond to attract and retain top talent. Forget the standard and more traditional benefits of health insurance and tracking time off, those are old hats now. [...]


20th Jan

Today’s Event Marketers Are Tomorrow’s CMOs

The story behind Rise of the Event Marketer By: Justin Gonzalez Senior Marketing Manager As a content marketer for DoubleDutch, I search far and wide to uncover unique insights related to the event industry. My job often feels more like a miner searching for precious stones than it does an author or marketer. I speak [...]