ICYMI: Top Takeaways From LIVE 2016
Last week, DoubleDutch celebrated the convergence of the physical and digital worlds of marketing at LIVE 2016. It was an opportunity for marketing and event professionals to come together and think critically about using live events to meet tangible (and measurable!) business goals — and, of course, network with some of the industry’s brightest minds. […]
Event Organizers’ Real Learning Starts Once the Event Doors Close
December 8, 2016
It’s easy to get caught up in the logistics and excitement of your event. But after the doors close, how do you measure success? Your Live Engagement Data provides a unique opportunity to evaluate whether or not your event met its strategic goals using real and measurable data. The results can help fuel demand gen, […]
How to Use Feng Shui to Make the Most of Your Event
December 2, 2016
Professional events can be intimidating, even for extroverts. You open the door to a giant hall, and there is a lot of pressure to make connections that will last or lead to something important. Adding to the daunting atmosphere? Often, the layout of the conference. In big rooms with scant furniture, you might feel out […]
5 Ways the App Economy Is Transforming Live Events
November 30, 2016
The rise of mobile technologies has upended how event planners reach — and engage — attendees at live events. Nearly two-thirds of Americans now own a smartphone, up from 58% in early 2014, according to the Pew Research Center. Additionally, 85% of 18-29 year olds own a smartphone. Meanwhile, the mobile app market has also exploded. […]
What You Can Do to Help Maximize Educational Opportunities At Your Events
November 23, 2016
The only attendance driver more important to event registrants than networking is education. Whether you’re hosting an internal company meeting or an industry conference, the success and attendee ROI of your event will largely be based on what people learn. While you may think you don’t have a lot of influence over your attendees learning […]
5 From LIVE: 5 Big Takeaways From Our Rockstar Panel of Event Marketers
November 23, 2016
We love to talk about how technology can enhance the event experience and power new marketing strategies. But it’s our customers who are using the technology to bring innovation to their organizations every day. At LIVE 2016, we had the opportunity to sit down with our four Event Professional of the Quarter award winners — […]
5 From LIVE: 5 Big Things From SaaStr COO Gretchen DeKnikker
November 22, 2016
Community building is tough business — especially when that community is online, where there is countless competition for people’s attention. And it’s doubly hard when you’re trying to build a community of enterprise software executives, who are already pressed for time. But that didn’t stop Jason Lemkin, a serial entrepreneur eager to help SaaS founders […]
5 From LIVE: 5 Big Things from Lawrence Coburn’s CEO Keynote
November 21, 2016
Our CEO, Lawrence Coburn, kicked off LIVE 2016 with a vision for the future of Live Engagement Marketing and the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. At the heart of his presentation is how machine learning will impact the event experience, transforming how event managers and marketers do their jobs in the coming years. […]
6 Slides Your MC Needs in Their Talk Track
November 15, 2016
Connecting the Physical and Digital Experiences A question we often hear from our customers is how to drive more app adoption and engagement at their events. We know they spend a ton of time and energy producing app promotion kits, event signage and more to drive adoption, but what else can you do? At LIVE […]
Introducing Topic Tagging: A New Way to Understand Your Attendees’ Interests
November 10, 2016
Whether you’re in event planning, digital marketing, HR or sales, chances are you’d agree that the more accurately your team can address the needs of its audience, the better. There’s no shortage of behavior-based data available from traditional email and digital activities — say, tracking which whitepaper a prospect downloaded or employee performance reviews. Live […]

ICYMI: Top Takeaways From LIVE 2016

By |November 9, 2016|

Last week, DoubleDutch celebrated the convergence of the physical and digital worlds of marketing at LIVE 2016. It was an opportunity for marketing and event professionals to come together and think critically about using live events to meet tangible (and measurable!) business goals — and, of course, network with some of the industry's brightest minds. [...]

Your Secret Event Networking Weapon? Highly Engaged Employees as Hosts

By |October 27, 2016|

As event managers, we know the overwhelming feeling of having an event's success put squarely on our shoulders. We feel responsible for everything going smoothly (or at least seemingly so!) — and for everyone having a great time. It’s hard to keep your eyes on every little moment at your event, especially when it comes [...]

If You’re Not Using Technology to Drive Event Networking, You’re Doing It Wrong

By |October 26, 2016|

Networking. It's the real reason attendees go to your conference every year; not to go to seven breakout sessions or listen to speakers wax poetic about their favorite topics (although education is up there, too!). Seventy-five percent of conference attendees (and 84 percent of people under 35) say networking plays a key role in their [...]

Unplugged: How Gainsight Turned Its Pulse Conference Into the Center of Gravity for Customer Success

By |October 21, 2016|

“The Dreamforce of Oakland." That's how Anthony Kennada, VP of marketing at customer success management platform Gainsight, describes his company's ambitions for its rapidly growing industry conference, Pulse. At our first-ever “Unplugged" event at DoubleDutch HQ, a new interview series with the pros behind top industry events, Kennada and his production partners revealed what it [...]

Supercharge Employee Education at Your Internal Events

By |October 20, 2016|

In today’s modern world, we deal with technological innovation, social media distraction, and a generation that is continuously moving onto the next new opportunity. With a whirlwind of distraction, 70% of training content is forgotten within 24 hours, making it harder than ever to educate our workforce. Live events offer an ideal occasion to silence [...]

Live Events are a Content Marketer’s Treasure Trove

By |October 19, 2016|

How does a content marketing technology company run its own content marketing program? Very strategically. “Content is the foundation of our marketing strategy and our go-to-market strategy," says Hana Abaza, head of strategy at Uberflip. “When we started, our content was broad, but now we're getting much more targeted and trying to be very strategic [...]

Partyforce: The Ultimate Dreamforce ‘16 Party Recap

By |October 14, 2016|

Another year of Dreamforce, has come and gone. If your week of nonstop learning, free swag, and endless drinks at the world’s largest software conference now feels like a dream, don’t let those memories fade! Through Partyforce, the unofficial Dreamforce party app powered by DoubleDutch, we have captured the best parties, keynotes, and overall highlights, [...]

How to Generate Massive Sponsor ROI With Event Technology

By |October 12, 2016|

Sponsors and exhibitors play a pivotal role in the revenue that drives events. In order to retain and grow that revenue, your ability to assist your sponsors in demonstrating the value of their continued partnership is critical. It can be a challenging assignment. Nearly a quarter of event sponsors want a better way to measure [...]

Benefits of Using a Creative Agency at Your Next Event

By |October 6, 2016|

You may be forgiven for thinking that partnering with a creative agency is solely about making things look great, different or unique; and to a degree, you’d be right. But the real value of a successful partnership lies in the ability to leverage in-house expertise to drive exceptional results for your business. At HGA, we’ve [...]

Machine Learning, the Data Arms Race, and the Future of Live Events

By |October 4, 2016|

Talk to any business software executive right now and all they want to talk about is Machine Learning (ML). There is a real belief that the vast data sets that companies are accumulating about their customers, their employees, their partners, their competitors, etc, when combined with 2016 computing power and the rapidly advancing engineering discipline [...]

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