Dreamforce, Parties, and Data: The Return of Partyforce

It’s that time of year again. The biggest and best B2B business software event of the year, Dreamforce, is just around the corner. If you work in software it’s our Burning Man, our Olympics, our Carnivale, all rolled into one. It’s also the crown sales and marketing jewel of the most powerful SaaS company in [...]

By |September 23, 2016|

The Importance of Understanding Your Audience Personas

Engaged Eddy. Networking Nancy. Innovation Irene... Understanding your audience is key to the success of any marketing program - not just live events. This is exactly the reason we create buyer personas; to understand the wants, needs, and desires of our target market so we can effectively position our products and services to them. The [...]

By |September 22, 2016|

How Peak Advisor Alliance Delivers a 5-Star Event Experience

As marketers and event planners, living up to the expectations of our clients and prospects can be a daunting task. Take our organization and the standards we have for our conferences as an example. Each year we host two conferences where we ask hundreds of our attendees to rate their experience with our events on [...]

By |September 15, 2016|

How to Energize Your Attendees to Action

4 Stages of the Live Engagement Funnel If you’re in the events business, you’ll know their power lies in face-to-face meetings. It’s about humans interacting with each other, live, in person, in the flesh. This was highlighted for the sixth year in a row by the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: marketers [...]

The Power of You: Strategic Influence in Event Marketing

In the Stone Age of event marketing, attendees were stuck squinting at name tags and making awkward small talk around the buffet table. They struggled to find common ground, and often found themselves floundering in conversation with people they had little in common with—when the perfect sales lead or business partner might have been just [...]

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

At DoubleDutch, we believe that live events are both an art and a science. Event marketers have an innate ability to create experiences to generate energy that moves people to action, but great events don’t happen because of an excited crowd, luck, or even flawless event execution. Great events are a result of strategic orchestration [...]

By |August 31, 2016|

Meet Lorrie Fickas, #EventProf of the Month

PF Chang’s Event Planning Manager, Lorrie Fickas of Arizona, shares her success stories using DoubleDutch, her career insights, and what keeps her at the forefront of technology. BL: What drew you into the world of events and what do you love about it? LF: I believe we carry this common thread of where we begin [...]

How to Convince Your Company to Invest in New Event Technologies

You know Live Engagement Marketing technologies can help create a more memorable event and better prove your event’s ROI. So why is it still so hard to get executive buy-in on event technologies? It probably comes down to numbers. Your boss wants to talk revenue and, despite your progress, you’re still not speaking quite the [...]

Event Marketers: Your Time Is Now

Time for a confession—I’m a chief marketing officer who’s always had a secret passion for events. It’s true. I love the particular kind of magical energy that comes from people connecting with people, people connecting with content, people connecting with a brand. You just know intuitively that events help your company tremendously. And I know [...]

By |August 24, 2016|

Using Social Engagement to Drive & Facilitate Networking

Want to Enhance Networking Opportunities at Your Events? One of the most important, if not the most important, steps in building a successful live event program is constructing a strategy that drives attendee engagement. Seems obvious, right? After all, event success is often measured by how much (and to what extent) attendees interact during sessions [...]

By |August 18, 2016|