Live Events are a Content Marketer’s Treasure Trove
How does a content marketing technology company run its own content marketing program? Very strategically. “Content is the foundation of our marketing strategy and our go-to-market strategy,” says Hana Abaza, head of strategy at Uberflip. “When we started, our content was broad, but now we’re getting much more targeted and trying to be very strategic […]
If You’re Not Using Technology to Drive Event Networking, You’re Doing It Wrong
October 26, 2016
Networking. It’s the real reason attendees go to your conference every year; not to go to seven breakout sessions or listen to speakers wax poetic about their favorite topics (although education is up there, too!). Seventy-five percent of conference attendees (and 84 percent of people under 35) say networking plays a key role in their […]
Unplugged: How Gainsight Turned Its Pulse Conference Into the Center of Gravity for Customer Success
October 21, 2016
“The Dreamforce of Oakland.” That’s how Anthony Kennada, VP of marketing at customer success management platform Gainsight, describes his company’s ambitions for its rapidly growing industry conference, Pulse. At our first-ever “Unplugged” event at DoubleDutch HQ, a new interview series with the pros behind top industry events, Kennada and his production partners revealed what it […]
Supercharge Employee Education at Your Internal Events
October 20, 2016
In today’s modern world, we deal with technological innovation, social media distraction, and a generation that is continuously moving onto the next new opportunity. With a whirlwind of distraction, 70% of training content is forgotten within 24 hours, making it harder than ever to educate our workforce. Live events offer an ideal occasion to silence […]
Partyforce: The Ultimate Dreamforce ‘16 Party Recap
October 14, 2016
Another year of Dreamforce, has come and gone. If your week of nonstop learning, free swag, and endless drinks at the world’s largest software conference now feels like a dream, don’t let those memories fade! Through Partyforce, the unofficial Dreamforce party app powered by DoubleDutch, we have captured the best parties, keynotes, and overall highlights, […]
How to Generate Massive Sponsor ROI With Event Technology
October 12, 2016
Sponsors and exhibitors play a pivotal role in the revenue that drives events. In order to retain and grow that revenue, your ability to assist your sponsors in demonstrating the value of their continued partnership is critical. It can be a challenging assignment. Nearly a quarter of event sponsors want a better way to measure […]
Benefits of Using a Creative Agency at Your Next Event
October 6, 2016
You may be forgiven for thinking that partnering with a creative agency is solely about making things look great, different or unique; and to a degree, you’d be right. But the real value of a successful partnership lies in the ability to leverage in-house expertise to drive exceptional results for your business. At HGA, we’ve […]
Machine Learning, the Data Arms Race, and the Future of Live Events
October 4, 2016
Talk to any business software executive right now and all they want to talk about is Machine Learning (ML). There is a real belief that the vast data sets that companies are accumulating about their customers, their employees, their partners, their competitors, etc, when combined with 2016 computing power and the rapidly advancing engineering discipline […]
Your (Un)Official Dreamforce Party Guide
September 30, 2016
“Cause we like to party” said Beyonce, featuring Andre 3000 circa 2011, and also every single person at Dreamforce. For one week every year, San Francisco turns into a weird alternate dimension of Mardi Gras…albeit with more clothing involved (required?) but surprisingly around the same amount of alcohol. Last year marked my first foray into […]
The Dreamforce Effect: How Brands Can Become Industry Leaders through Flagship Events
September 28, 2016
For one week in October, a global technology community of 150,000+ people descend upon San Francisco to create an entirely new ecosystem within the city called Dreamforce. This year, participants will watch keynote presentations from thought leaders like Melinda Gates, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Elizabeth Gilbert, astronaut brothers Scott and Mark Kelly, and dozens of other authors, […]

Live Events are a Content Marketer’s Treasure Trove

By |October 19, 2016|

How does a content marketing technology company run its own content marketing program? Very strategically. “Content is the foundation of our marketing strategy and our go-to-market strategy," says Hana Abaza, head of strategy at Uberflip. “When we started, our content was broad, but now we're getting much more targeted and trying to be very strategic [...]

How to Attend LIVE Like a Local

By |September 27, 2016|

“One day, if I go to heaven...I’ll look around and say ‘It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco.’”- Herb Caen Caen’s words, spoken years ago, hold true today just as they did in their first incarnation written many moons ago. As an outsider, originally from Louisiana and looking in, I can vouch and credit [...]

An Interview for The Twenty Minute VC

By |September 26, 2016|

I recently sat down with Harry Stebbings for The Twenty Minute VC — a podcast series covering the latest in the business world. We discussed a lot in a short amount of time, but here are some of my favorite topics in the podcast: How to turn an SDR program into a hyper-growth engine How [...]

Dreamforce, Parties, and Data: The Return of Partyforce

By |September 23, 2016|

It’s that time of year again. The biggest and best B2B business software event of the year, Dreamforce, is just around the corner. If you work in software it’s our Burning Man, our Olympics, our Carnivale, all rolled into one. It’s also the crown sales and marketing jewel of the most powerful SaaS company in [...]

The Importance of Understanding Your Audience Personas

By |September 22, 2016|

Engaged Eddy. Networking Nancy. Innovation Irene... Understanding your audience is key to the success of any marketing program - not just live events. This is exactly the reason we create buyer personas; to understand the wants, needs, and desires of our target market so we can effectively position our products and services to them. The [...]

How Peak Advisor Alliance Delivers a 5-Star Event Experience

By |September 15, 2016|

As marketers and event planners, living up to the expectations of our clients and prospects can be a daunting task. Take our organization and the standards we have for our conferences as an example. Each year we host two conferences where we ask hundreds of our attendees to rate their experience with our events on [...]

How to Energize Your Attendees to Action

By |September 7, 2016|

4 Stages of the Live Engagement Funnel If you’re in the events business, you’ll know their power lies in face-to-face meetings. It’s about humans interacting with each other, live, in person, in the flesh. This was highlighted for the sixth year in a row by the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: marketers [...]

The Power of You: Strategic Influence in Event Marketing

By |September 1, 2016|

In the Stone Age of event marketing, attendees were stuck squinting at name tags and making awkward small talk around the buffet table. They struggled to find common ground, and often found themselves floundering in conversation with people they had little in common with—when the perfect sales lead or business partner might have been just [...]

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

By |August 31, 2016|

At DoubleDutch, we believe that live events are both an art and a science. Event marketers have an innate ability to create experiences to generate energy that moves people to action, but great events don’t happen because of an excited crowd, luck, or even flawless event execution. Great events are a result of strategic orchestration [...]

Meet Lorrie Fickas, #EventProf of the Month

By |August 26, 2016|

PF Chang’s Event Planning Manager, Lorrie Fickas of Arizona, shares her success stories using DoubleDutch, her career insights, and what keeps her at the forefront of technology. BL: What drew you into the world of events and what do you love about it? LF: I believe we carry this common thread of where we begin [...]

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