25th Mar

How We Increased Survey Response Rates by 166%

by Julia Graham, Senior Product Manager Surveys are one of the most widely used tools to help organizers gauge attendee reactions before, during, and after an event. Event teams rely heavily on surveys to quantify the success of their event and receive qualitative feedback on how to improve their content year over year. While surveys [...]


13th Mar

Techie Pipe Dreams and Software Sales

By: Karim Hafez, Director of Strategic Accounts We’ve all been there. You get a new gig and drink the Kool-Aid; your company is disrupting the [fill in the blank] industry and changing the world. There are many reasons people join a company. But when you are in software sales in Silicon Valley, techie pipe dreams [...]


17th Feb

Introducing Event Performance: How To Do Events Better

By: Derrick Calloway, Product Manager Successful businesses make good calls when faced with difficult decisions. Sometimes you just go with your gut, but whenever possible, you pay attention to all the data at your disposal and use it to ensure the best possible outcomes. Email marketers for example take advantage of an immense amount of [...]


13th Feb

Some Valentine’s Day Love for our DoubleDutch Customers

By: John Valdez, Customer Success Manager It’s that time of year again, when holding a boombox over your head, rushing to that special someone before their plane departs, or breaking into song all seem like perfectly acceptable gestures to get your lovestruck message across. This Valentine’s Day, we decided to write a love-letter-blog (is that [...]


11th Feb

Attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? Get your party on with the EnjoyMWC mobile app

By: Jen Harvey The Mobile World Congress 2015, which will take place in Barcelona during the first week of March, is expecting to attract 90,000+ people. Many of the attendees come for the Congress but stay for the parties, several of which attract the ‘who’s who’ of the mobile industry. Imagine you could connect with [...]